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Summoner Showdown 2020 has 2 difficulties to play: Show Up and Showdown. Show Up os open for people around the work that gives some 5-star shards as rewards. Showdown is about playing and ranking in the leaderboard and so on… and finally get the rewards later.

What are the challenges against Silver Surfer

  • Each contact (even blocked ones) has a 50% chance to apply Coldsnap debuff on the attack. This ability will not trigger when Silver Surfer’s armor is broken.
  • Explosive Personality – Each block hit gives Silver Surfer Armor Up. After 5 Armor Up, it exploded and the attacker takes some damage (it will kill you).
  • Rich Gets Richer: Whichever champions have more unique buffs gain power over time

So you actually need a champion that can either break the armor or immune to the cold snap.

Top Counters to Silver Surfer (for Summoner Smackdown 2020 – Show Up Difficulty Only) – With 5 Members of Team

Captain America Infinity War with Tech and Cosmic Synergy

Cosmic Synergy Applies Armor Break on Well-Timed Block.
Tech Synergy applies Petrify on a Well-Timed block that will control power.

Easiest Method: Colossus With Mister Fantastic + Storm/Dr. Strange/Psylocke/Loki + Emma Frost + Anyone Else in Your Team

Use Well-Timed Block and Spam L1 unless you reach 20 stacks of Armor. Now Spam L1 to stun and once stunned, use 2 Medium Attack + MLLLM attacker. So you get to use 7 hits after he is stunned and you will have 1 bar of power back. You can stun-lock him.

Top Counters to Silver Surfer (for Summoner Smackdown 2020 – Showdown or Show Up Difficulty)


Keep converting coldsnap to fury by phasing. Don’t push SS to L3. This gus has pushed him to L3 because he was using Hood Synergy. You can also do that in Show-Up Difficulty, but in showdown, you have just one member.


Just Spam Heavy and Special 2.


Works alone, better with Synergy

Who else can you use?

  • Thor: Parry Break the Armor
  • Venom: Heavy Break the Armor
  • Human Torch with Prefight: Immune to Coldsnap
  • Warlock: Immune to Coldsnap
  • Corvus Glaive: Well-Timed Block Break the Armor