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Book 1 Story Quest Act Act 5.4.5 map

Go get them all! You got this.

The easy path for Story Quest Act 5.4.5

Section 1

  • Miles Morales

Switching to section 2: Switch to C – Power or Resilience

Go Left to Explosive personality: Gains Armor while hitting the block, Upon 5 stacks of armor it removes by you lose 25% of your health. So either don’t hit the block or use a champ that regenerates, e.g. X23, Ghost Rider, Wolverine.

  • Howard the Duck
  • Groot (immune to poison)
  • Cosmic Spider-man (immune to stun effect)
  • Unstoppable Colossus
  • Black Panther Civil War
  • Magneto
  • Red Hulk
  • Dr. Voodoo
  • King Groot
  • Luke Cage

Switching to section 3:

  • Iron Fist (global node)
  • Mephisto – Health Points 129, 363 and Attack 6,628, (Aura of incineration activates at the start of the fight and every 30 seconds)

The Video in Action of Act 5.4.5 Explosive personality or Resilience oath