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Book 1 Story Quest Act Act 5.4.5 map

This chapter isn’t that bad if you have a little bit of skill as there are too many counters these days.

You got this, finish this chapter and move on.

The easy path for Story Quest Act 5.4.2

Resilience path

  • Iron Man (resistor, enhanced armor up)
  • Iron Patriot (resistor, enhanced armor up, armor break)
  • Luke Cage (resistor, armor)

Moving Portal to Section 2: Choose the middle path and you will find these champs (check map)

  • Hood (Breakthrough, stupefy)
  • Cap. WWII (Bloodletting, enhanced abilities)
  • Gwenpool (Enh. bleed, bloodletting)
  • OG Black Panther (Enh. bleed, crit rate)
  • Howard the Duck (energy resistance, enhanced fury)
  • Wolverine (Enh. bleed, outlast)
  • Ultron (Enh. bleed, limber)

Moving Portal to section 3: Go for Resilience:

  • Rhino (Heal block, aggressive)
  • Doc Strange (Phys. and en. resistances)
  • Note: On empty nodes, you may find up to 2 random champs

The Boss: Morningstar (gains soul charge when blocked, shatter, recovery, heal block, 118k health).

Here is the video if you want to see in action