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Story Quest Act 5.4.2 Map (All Paths + Easy Path for First Run)

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act 5 chapter 4.2

The easy path for Story Quest Act 5.4.2

Resilience path

  • Iron Man (resistor, enhanced armor up)
  • Iron Patriot (resistor, enhanced armor up, armor break)
  • Luke Cage (resistor, armor)

Moving Portal to Section 2: Choose the middle path and you will find these champs (check map)

  • Hood (Breakthrough, stupefy)
  • Cap. WWII (Bloodletting, enhanced abilities)
  • Gwenpool (Enh. bleed, bloodletting)
  • OG Black Panther (Enh. bleed, crit rate)
  • Howard the Duck (energy resistance, enhanced fury)
  • Wolverine (Enh. bleed, outlast)
  • Ultron (Enh. bleed, limber)

Moving Portal to section 3: Go for Resilience:

  • Rhino (Heal block, aggressive)
  • Doc Strange (Phys. and en. resistances)
  • Note: On empty nodes, you may find up to 2 random champs

The Boss: Morningstar (gains soul charge when blocked, shatter, recovery, heal block, 118k health).

Here is the video if you want to see in action

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