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Storm Pyramid X has some nice Utilities that no champions have got so far. We will talk about what are those. Let’s start with her Damage Showcase.

98 Hits ROL Winter Soldier Takedown

Storm Pyramid X Special Attack Damage Showcase (Over 128K)

If you look at the duration of the above fight and this fight, both have almost the same length. But, this one took more hits to finish because I utilized many light and medium attacks. However, the point was to show special damage.

Utility:- Any Champion Cannot Shrug-Off Stun Effect (Best for Masochism Node, Tenacity Node, and Shrug Off Champs)

This utility is achievable with Sabretooth, but you need Killmonger in the team.

Whether it is Kingpin, Agent Venom, or even Mordo’s Astral Evade after Stun, Storm can handle all. If they shrug off, she applies Passive Stun.

Storm Pyramid X facing Masochism in Act 6.4.6

She even ignores the Power Drain node (probably because of her glancing ability)

Storm (Pyramid X) vs Tenacity 3  Node (75% Chance to Shrug off all Debuffs) – Act 6.4.6

This is the same node that Invisible Woman Miniboss has in AQ Map 6. Shrugging off Stun place another stun and shrugging of Shock cause burst damage. So there is no escape.