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Kabam has brought Atlantean Rift events along with Imperius Rex Event Quest. There is 4 tier of Rifts that can be earned and you can earn them by completing Imperius Rex Event Quest, achieving solo milestones, and also by doing Atlantean Rift that gives you half of the greater (higher tier) Atlantean Rifts.

There are 2 types of Atlanteam Rifts event: Stable and Unstable.
You might be thinking about which one you should go for. Let’s have a look at the rewards to understand.

Tier 1 to Tier 4 Atlanteam Rift Rewards

rift rewards-min

The Rewards for Unstable Atlantean Rift looks quite tempting, but let’s have a look at the drop rate before you make a decision.

Drop Rates for Atlantean Rift Stable and Unstable Rewards (Tier 1 Tier 4)



The Drop rate sucks big time for Unstable. So if you are okay to take that risk, you may try Unstable. Stable sounds good ( at least to me ) LOL.