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How to Fight Spider-Ham?

The primary thing to look at here is that you have to watch his evade. All abilities are related to evading. If you stop evade, you are good. You have nothing to worry about. Evade puts power sting on you that causes damage if you launch special, he also becomes unblockable when he evades and if he has 6+ Nonsense charges. As far as the special attack is concerned, you just have to bait special 1 that is very easy to evade. Watch this video and you will know everything about how you can fight Spider-Ham easily.

Hope that explains all.

What are the Best Champs to use Against Spider-Ham?


Venom shuts down evade of all Spider Champs, so he will never evade.

Here are More Champs that you can use:

  • Flacon: His 100% Ability Accuracy stops all evade.
  • She-Hulk, Red Guider, Spider Gwen: Slow Debuff can help to stop evading.
  • Nick Fury: Evades are stopped after 5 tactical charges.
  • Vision Arkus’s Coldsnap also Stops evade.
  • Any Champion with True Strike also helps, but he gains power when evade is stopped because of true strike (won’t gain power if using Skill Champion)
  • Read this for all evade counters