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Evade Champions Counters For Stun and Debuff Immune Nodes

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Evade is one of the annoying abilities that are hard to counter without a right champ. Let’s Learn how to counter such champions.

How to Fight Evade Champions with any Champ when Defender is not Stun-Immune?

It’s simple. Make sure to max out parry mastery and then you can just parry and use 3 hits combo. You might have to limit to 2 hits combo in alliance war when Opponent is using Limber Master.

Spider-Verse  (All version of Spiderman Champions) Counters for Non-Stun-Immune Stun-Immune and Debuff Immune Nodes

Venom: Use venom against any Spiderman version of champions. Venom disables evade effect by 100% against Spider-Verse champions. So it’s just a regular fight.

Evade Champions Counters for Stun Immune Node

A Duped Iceman starts the fight with Coldsnap for few seconds. So it will not let Nightcrawler evade until the Coldsnap is active. You can keep using Special 1 to reactivate Coldsnap again

Vision (Aarkus):
Just stay close to him or let him hit your block a few times unless he gets the Armor Break debuff and then he can never evade an attack. You can just keep hitting him to stack Armor Break and Cold Snap will always be active that will stop evade effect.

Use A Champion That Applies Slow Debuff:
She-Hulk and Spider Gwen: Heavy Attack Applies Slow Debuff. You can counter most of the champions’ heavy attack with her heavy attack.
Sorcerer Supreme: Her Special Attack has a chance to apply Slow Debuff.
Spiderman (Stealth Suit): Select Web-Foam at the start of the fight as a pre-fight ability that will apply slow debuff if you finish the combo of 5-hits with a light attack. It might be difficult to get a 5 fight combo against evade-champions, so it is not something I would really recommend, but it’s possible against some champs, like Spiderman-Miles, Spiderman Symbiote, Spidergwen etc..
Black Widow with Sunsport or Human Torch or Mephisto Synergy:
All the 4 champs can apply slow debuff whenever they try to apply incinerate debuff and opponent is immune to it.

How to Stop Evade on Debuff Immune and Stun Immune Nodes

Killmonger (Better with Winter Soldier Synergy):
With Synergy: Intercept a dash attack to get True Strike and you can keep the true strike on forever by intercepting his Special attacks that is very easy to do.
Without Synergy: Intercept the attack until the defender reaches a bar of power. Let the defender use a special attack and hit him while the defender is recovery from the special attack. It is not possible to intercept all champion’s special attack, so sometimes you must need the synergy of Winter soldier that we explained above

Corvus Glaive with Proxima Midnight Synergy:
Before you fight the debuff immune or stun immune evade champion, you need to have a mission completed. So what is the mission: Defeat a champion that used evade or Auto block during a fight. The last hit must be a heavy or special attack. This will gran Corvus glaive a permanent true strike that will stop evade of any champion.

Iron Man Infinity War (better with Back Widow or Punisher 2099 or Spiderman Stark synergy):
Without Synergy:
The first medium hit, the first heavy hit, and the second and fourth light attacks cannot be evaded.
With Synergy:
-35% evade ability on top of the basic ability of Iron Man Infinity War that prevent evade effect.

A fight without Synergy:

Sorcerer Supremer (Duped with High Signature):
She gets up to 50% ability accuracy if she is 5-star or 6-star and has 200 signatures. It will help to reduce the amount of evade effect.