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Cay Murdock is well known for making gaming art. Here are some of them that you may love.

Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man Mash-Up

Let’s have a look at some more gaming art

Dare Devil + Void Mash-Up

Warlock Playing With Wires

Ægon Took Man-Thing’s Hand

Magik Mashed Up with Cat

King Groot and Angela Mash-Up

Sinister and Magik Mash-Up

MODOK and Rocket Raccoon Mash-Up

Symbiote Supreme and Ægon Mash-Up

Archangel and Ghost Rider Mash-Up

Emma Frost and Hela Mash-Up

Mysterio’s Helmet Problem

Night Thrasher and Moon Knight Mash-Up

Mephisto and Medusa Mash-Up

Rogue and Winter Soldier Mash-Up

Crossbones and Storm Mash-Up

The Baby Doc-Oc

Captain America Throwing the Shied to the Dog

Darkhawk and Ultron Mash-Up

Fear of the Void

Ronin and Psylocke Mash-Up

Guillotine 2099 and Elsa Bloodstone Mash-Up

Man-Thing and Hulkbuster Mash-Up

Ghost and Corvus Glaive Mash-Up

Terrax and Nick Fury Mash-Up