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Champion Rank Duel Target
Rocket Raccoon 4-star R1
2-star R1
Donny we are no
Sabretooth 3-star R1 Fancy Man:]:]~1

Beast: If someone knows a duel target for Beast, please comment.

Champions is a quest

Champion Quest Energy
Groot Story Quest
Chapter 1.3
Rocket Raccoon Polar Opposite-Classic
(EQ) Chapter 1.2

Completing 10 Quests without any energy usage

If you are a subscriber of summoner sigil, complete the Gold quests as many times as you want. It doesn’t cost any energy and it will count as quest completion to achieve the milestone.

I don’t have any 2-star and 3-star Champions to Rank, what to do?

  • Check your champs, if you have Sabretooth 2-star, sell him. In the same way, you can sell 3-star Sabretooth.
  • Get 2-star Sabretooth Now: Do a run of this month’s Beginner’s Event Quest to get a 2-star Sabretooth and then you can rank.
  • Get 3-star Sabretooth Now: Explore 100% this month’s Normal Event Quest to get a 3-star Sabretooth.