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Is Kabam Nerfing Act 6 in September?
Yes, Some of the parts are being nerfed that are as follows.

Act 6 Nerf

Monthly Event Quest and Release Date?
TO ME, MY X-MEN EQ will be released on September 2, 10 AM PT.

Will there be Cavalier Difficulty Added in September’s EQ?
Yes, It has been confirmed.

What 2 New Champions Are Coming in September?
Professor X and Apocalypse.

What Champions Will Be Released with New Buffs?
Both the Magneto (Red and White) have been buffed that will be playable in September.

What are the Rewards of the Cavalier Difficulty?
cavalier rewards

Uncollected Rewards Update
Uncollected Rewards update

FAQ About Mutant Treasure Island Side Quest

How many paths are there?
28 paths each difficulty.

How many Difficulties will be available to play?
4 difficulties: Heroic, Hard, Epic, and Legendary.

When will this Side Quest Start?
September 2, 2020. It is a 5 weeks event.

How does this Quest Works?

  • You can get 1 key each day to enter the quest and a successful run will give you a treasure chest.
  • There are 4 types of treasure chests that will be rewarded depending on what difficulties you have chosen.
  • You will be allowed to enter 1 difficulty only.
  • You can enter each quest just once a day.
  • Treasure chests of the same type will contain the same reward for all (No Random Ones).
  • Once Path is unlocked, Key will be gone but the path will remain unlocked.

How many energies each tile will cost?
0, no energy at all.


  • The rewards can be found within treasure chests only.
  • The rewards mentioned below are for the whole duration of the side quest that you can earn in total.

Mutant Treasure Island