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How to Fight Scarlet Witch

Things to know about her ability before engaging in a fight

  • Watch Power Sting on you if using Cosmic, Skill, or Mutant champ. It’s her awaken ability that gives a 20% chance per instability to inflict Power sting or heal block. If you have Power Sting on, don’t use Special Attack or you are doomed.
  • If she has 6 or more instability active, she put degeneration on you. Every time you knock her down with special, 1 instability will be removed from her. She gains one instability every time she launches a special attack. If she uses any heavy attack, 1 instability will be removed from her and she will gain a power-gain buff that will give her 1 bar of power. Don’t let her use heavy especially when she already has 2 bars of power.
  • Every 4 seconds a random buff is given to both attacker and Scarlet Witch. You don’t need to worry much about all, but unblockable. Watch out if she goes unblockable that lasts 4 seconds.

Difficulties created by Cavalier Nodes

  • Scarlet Witch starts the fight with 100% Ability Accuracy. Each non-damaging debuff removes 33% from it.
  • 50% chance to gain one additional instability whenever she gains one from her ability.
  • She gains 100% more power if she is suffering from damage over time debuff.

Top Counters to New Scarlet Witch to Fight Easily in Cavalier Difficulty

Note: Always bait Special 1, it’s easy to evade even if she is unblockable (from her ability). Special 2 is likely to finish you if she is unblockable.

Awaken Captain America with Science/Tech/Cosmic Synergy

(Try to Keep 2 Synergy Champ At lease)

Parry to Apply Debuff and fight like you normally do. Those non-damaging debuffs will remove her Ability Accuracy. Here is a video:


Void’s debuffs are not counted as damage overtime debuffs, so he can get Scarlet Witch easy as well.

Use a Power Control Champ or Ability Accuracy Reduction Champ

Doctor Voodoo, Spider-Gwen, Magik all are good Champions to Counter Her

Use a Hard Hitter to Finish Quickly before she applies degen on you gaining 6+ instability

Your R5 Champs may still handle one degeneration debuff. So any hard hitter will also work.

How to Fight Scarlet Witch?

Watch this video to understand all mechanism