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Sasquatch and Guardian are the 2 new champions that Kabam has launched this month. You may face them in Missing Links Event Quest as well as Northern Expedition Side Quest. Uncollected Difficulty in Eventy Quest and Canadian Difficulty in Side Quest are the hardest once.

How to fight Sasquatch?

Here is a quick video that talks about How you can fight Sasquatch.

Sasquatch Top Counters

Luke Cage

Luke Cage will not let the Rage Trigger as long as Sasquatch has exhaustion debuff applied. No Rage, means, no Unstoppable and not aggressive.

Spider Gwen

Enervate debuff also prevents Rage Buff on Sasquatch that makes the fight easier.

Any Champ that applies Slow Debuff

Use any champions that can apply a slow debuff to get rid of his unstoppable while Rage is active. There are many champions that can apply Slow Debuff, e.g. She-Hulk, Spider Gwen, Red Guardian, Sorcerer Supreme.

Or Just use any champion that hits harder

Use Human Torch, Nick Fury, or any champ that hits harder. The faster you kill, the lesser rage you have to face.

How to fight the Guardian and Top Counters?

Guardian doesn’t have anything special except the Autoblock that can autoblock your Special attacks. If the Armor is broken or nullified, the autoblock will not work. So you can use any champion that can break armor or nullify armor. However, it is not even needed if you just want to use Special 3 and use any hard hitter. Here are a few Videos to Demo.

Tip: If you keep failing to evade his Special 1, just block the entire special attack.

4-star Captain America IW Takes Down Uncollected Guardian

4-star Spider-Man Stark Enhanced Soloes Uncollected Guardian

5-Star R3 Symbiote Supreme Dealing Uncollected Guardian