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The monthly event that you can play in October has been named as Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer.” This event also comes with a new My Little Symbiote thing that will give a little Venom Symbiote that you can use in certain events, upgrade it, and make it strong. This Symbiote can also be placed as defender on a ceratin node in AW. However, we are here just to give you the detail about the rewards you are gonna get from Blood and venom Symbiomancer event.

First of all, Kabam has changed the Uncollected Difficluty name as Epic. So keep in mind that it’s not 2 difficulty mode. It’s just the same but with a new name (for this month only). Here are the rewards detail;


The Bonus Reward from Symbiote (Bonus Difficulty)

There is a new bonus difficulty this Month that will be unlocked on October 17. This difficulty will be you some addition reards; 18K Tier 2 Alpha Shards, 1 Tier 4 Class Catalyst, 15 5-star Signature Stones, and 2,500 5-star shards.