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If you are wondering whether Black Widow Deadly Origin does good damage or not, I have got 2 videos for you to watch. One from ROL and another from LOL. Let’s find out if Black Widow Deadly Origin worth ranking.

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) vs LOL Red Hulk

Total Hits Count: 337

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) vs ROL Winter Soldier

Total Hits Count: 170

Each combo has 2 hits increase: Usually, most of the champions have 5 hits each combo. However, most of the combos used in the video have 7 hits because her medium attack has 2 hits. So this also increases the count of her hits.


  • She got some nice shock degeneration.
  • Her Special 2 Attack hits hard enough.
  • A great attacker to use in usually quests, AQ, and AW.
  • Her Medium Attack gets 70% ability accuracy. It could be very useful in hard fights.


  • She is not immune to anything
  • Not Enough Utilities