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Night Thrasher and Darkhawk are the 2 new champions that Kabam has used as the bosses of the last 2 chapters of Night Riders event quest. This month’s bosses are a lot easier compared to the last month. They can easily be defeated without spending items.

How to defeat Night Thrasher Uncollected Boss

First of all, let’s know about the difficulties you will face and what needs to be done.

Difficulty and Solution

  • Night Thrasher get unstoppable while dashing, just like Rhino does, but he also gets debuff immune, so you cannot parry him when he is dashing to you. However, he doesn’t get unblockable. You can parry only when he is not dashing towards you, rather when you are close.
  • While charging heavy Night Thrasher gets unstoppable, but you can intercept right after he finishes his heavy attack.
  • Special Attack 1 (L1) is kind of unblockable as it goes through the block, so you got to evade, but the first L1 will not kill any R4 champion. Always try to push him to L2 as it’s very easy to evade, and right after L2 dash and get your combo.

Some One-shot (Solot) Fights Against Night Thrasher

Wolverine vs Night Thrasher


Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) vs Night Thrasher

Sabretooth vs Night Thrasher


Emma Frost vs Night Thrasher

Star-Lord vs Night Thrasher


How to defeat Darkhawk Uncollected Boss

Challenges and Solution

  • Start the fight with L2 and is unblockable. You got to bate L2 first. After he uses L2, you can parry him. But, your attacks have chances to miss (like he gets invisible) as long as he has the active buff that looks like the true strike in a different color. 
  • Well-Timed Block is active that will trigger parry.

Some Solo (one-shot) Fights Against Darkhawk

Dr. Voodoo vs Darkhawk

Quake vs Darkhawk


Spider-Man Stark Enhanced vs Darkhawk

Venom vs Darkhawk

Captain America IW vs Darkhawk

You can pretty much use any champ to beat both the bosses. Nothing special about them like previous month. Just intercept, parry, attack, and you are done.