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Kabam has introduced 2 types of solo events this month that are as follows:
–> X-Men Use: Use X-Men to defeat any champion
–> Destroy All Mutants: Defeat Mutant Champions using any class of champion.

How to achieve the milestones quickly in the solo event? No Energy or Duel Credit Needed!

Watch the video to see it in action or just scroll down to read instruction that is written right below the video.

  • Tap on the Champions tab to see the list of all the champions you have.
  • Tap on any mutant champions (better tap on 6-star mutant if you want to score quickly), it could be any rank.
  • Hit the Practice button and now choose a X-Man to fight that mutant champion you have selected. Better choose 6-star X-Man to score faster.
  • Win the fight and your score will be updated.

The method above will help you add scores to both the solo event at the same time because you will be using X-Man and Defeating a Mutant. Keep repeating to increase score until you achieve all milestones.