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Ghost of one of the top champions when it comes to finish the job quickly and fight without parrying the opponent. The most useful feature of Ghost is going invisible. If she cannot go invisible (called Phasing), she is not very useful. Phasing also provides guaranteed critical hits: The next hit and All hits from Special 1/2 when used immediately while triggering phasing. However, there are champions that make ghosting almost impossible. We will talk about this one.


List of Champions and Reason why you cannot use Ghost against them

Armor Break = No Phasing
No Phasing = No Guaranteed Critics

Cosmic Ghost Rider
Permanent Armor Break
Electro Critical = More Damage Back
(you die quite early)
Magneto (Both) -70% Ability Accuracy
Nova -70% Damage from
(from Guaranteed Critical Hits)
Armor Break without Getting Hit
Air-Walker Armor Break on Special Attack
(Even If you don’t get hit)
Ebony Maw 100% Chance to Miss
(Guaranteed Critical Hit)
Man-Thing Ignores Critical Bonus Damage
Inflict Armor Break and Poison
(Even If you don’t get hit)
Mysterio Recover 70% Taken from Critical Hits
Can Block Unblockable Hits

Champions that are Tough to Counter with Ghost

Wolverine (Weapon X)
Goes Unstoppable When Misses
Hulkbuster Armor Break on Special
(Even If you don’t get hit)
Warlock Armor Break on L2
(Without Contact)
-30 Ability Accuracy
(When you have infection)
Thing Her Fury and Specials
trigger his protection
Terrax Break Armor Without Contact
(When Rock Field is Active)
Domino She causes phasing/Critcs to fail
also degens you
Havok Gains Plasma with Critics
Reduce Critical Damage
Mojo Applies Degen Because of Buffs
Professor X Bypass Miss effect
(Above 25 Charges)
Daredevil Cannot miss an attack

Ghosting with Great Skill

Black Widow (DO) Gain Evade Charge After Miss
(One Hit Combo Needed)
Killmonger Damage Back
(Never use Specials when
reverberation is on)
Nick Fury Never misses after 5 charges
Vision Aarkus Breaks armor
Annihilus Breaks armor hitting block
Silver Surfer Armor Break on Heavy and Specials
(without contact)
Sorcerer Supreme Armor Break on SP1
(without contact)
Namor Need to time your intercept
(doing quick will reflect damage)
Mephisto Prevents Buffs from Triggering
(While sole imprisonment is active)
Have to manage his aura
Red Goblin Doesn’t Miss
(If you Ghost in below 15% Health
and Whenever true sense is active)
MODOK Mind his autoblock
Captain Marvel
Break armor through block
Human Torch Bypass Miss at 10+ charges
Hit Monkey Bypass Miss
(when Assassin’s Cunning is active)
Proxima Midnight Can block Unblockable

Here is a video made by Bero Man (If you want to see them in action)

Note: He is has missed some names that are listed above: Professor X, Proxima Midnight, Hit Monkey, Human Torch, and Daredevil. But, overall a good video to learn.