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July 2020

Most of us are eagerly waiting for this month to end because of the announcement that Kabam recently made. So we are here to give you a quick overview.

When to Update App

June 30, 5:00 PM PDT onwards

Event Quests and Side Quests With Release Dates

  • Missing Links (Event Quest): July 1, 10:00 AM PDT
  • Northern Expedition (Side Quest): July 1, 10:00 AM PDT. New Canadian Difficulty is added to this quest.
  • Boss Rush: Last Week of July

New Champions to be Released

SASQUATCH Red Guardian

2 Week Special Calander

  • Calander Start Date: July 1
  • Included Items: Healing Potions and Revives
    Note: Healing Potion will be as Maple Syrup and Revives will be as Poutine.
  • 3-star Guardian

Solo Objective

Use 3-star Guardian Given from Special Calendar and Defeat Certain Champions in the Northern Expeditions Side Quest to Claim Solo Objective Rewards. Rewards will be based on your level and achievement that are as follows

  • Below Level 25: 4-Star Shards, Maple Syrup (healing potions), Poutine (revives)
  • Level 25 and Above: 5-star Shards, Signature Stones, Gold
  • Level 40+ with Uncollected Title: 6-star shards and more

About Northern Expedition (Side-Quest) and Canadian Difficulty

  • Canadian Difficulty is added to this Event Quest that will be later known as Cavalier Difficulty
  • You must be Level 60 to play Canadian Difficulty
  • Canadian Difficulty will have different sets of opponents compared to other difficulties. One easy path that will have all the outgoing links. Do this path to fight all champions without any link node. There will also be a Global Node.
  • Normal Difficulty will not be available in this quest
  • 4 Chapters and 1 will be unlocked each week
  • Quest 1: 8 Paths
    Quest 2: 8 Paths
    Quest 3: 12 Paths
    Quest 4: 12 Paths
  • No Energy Cost to explore
  • You can have a team of 3 champions only.
  • No Exploration and completion rewards. All rewards are on the path to collect.

Rewards you will get from Side Quest


About Boss Rush (Side-Quest)

  • Start at the end of July and will run throughout August
  • 5-chapters + Omega Quest
  • One chapter unlocks each week
  • Omega Quest Chapter Unlocks after playing all 5 that will combine bosses of all 5 chapters
  • Rewards: It has not been disclosed (Probably to include 5-star crystal, 6-star shards, and T5BC shards)

User Interface Improvement

  • New Menu what you can see at the top of this page. If you didn’t notice, scroll up.
  • Now you can add your top champion to your profile to show off. It may be useful while looking for new allies.
  • Alliance Leader and assign maps to ally members in AQ and AW. When they go to join, their assigned BG will already be highlighted. Another BG can also be joined, but the highlight will help you not to join a wrong BG.

Act 6 Update or Compensation?

Yet to be announced, Still no update on dates.


Some bug fixes and more bugs…… Hang in there…