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The question people kept asking by email. So here I am with my view.

What Kabam Actually Did with She-Hulk?

The ability to chain a combo into heavy is removed. Now She hulk cannot do that.

What does it mean? 

  • She hulk had the ability to use heavy attack in the middle of her combo and she rarely missed that. Heavy attack causes slow passive debuff that stops the evade and unstoppable ability by 100%. So she was great counter for many annoying champs like The Champion Boss in Act 6.2 (including other quests and AW), Juggy, Spidey, and so on… So even if the opponent is stun-immune you could easily put him/her in the corner and keep hitting.
  • She hulk has % chance to get fury each hit and special 1 guarantees the fury passive. Every time opponent uses a special attack her fury refreshes, so you could have even 50, 60 or even more furies and hit like a tank. The heavy attack was very helpful to make the opponent fill special attack bar quickly, and her furies work like Taunt that makes the opponent use special attack. This way fury keeps refreshing. Now this may almost be impossible unless you use Daredevil synergy and power boost.

Watch this old She-Hulk vs LOL Star-Lord video in action

Is She-Hulk still useful?

Umm, Yes, but that’s conditional.

  • If you use Red Hulk: She-Hulk Synergy gives Red Hulk 2% attack boost with each heat charge. That means Red Hulk can get 20% attack boost after he has 10 heat charges that is very easy to get. She hulk also gets 20% potency for her fury.
  • Non-Stun Immune Opponent: You can parry and use heavy to apply Slow Debuff Passive and stop Evade and Unstoppable.
  • With Powerboost and Daredevil Synergy: Daredevil Synergy makes Her Passive Fury lasts 15% longer and power boost can help you fill the power bar quickly. It can help you refresh the furies if you time it right as you will be able to use many special attacks. However, with the nodes like Power drain or now power gain, this synergy is useless.
  • Each hit from she hulk has % chance to purify debuffs from Science champs. Very useful while fighting void.
  • Immune to poison, but who cares.

Is She-Hulk Still God Tier?

No, She is Demi-God now.


If I really want to parry the opponent to use heavy, I will be using Domino, Cull, Hype. The only reason I ranked her because I don’t have Symbiote Supreme and I used her against the Champion (in Act 6.2.6) and she made the fight easy.

Am I using the Rank Down Ticket?

Yes, I am certainly taking her down from R5 to R3 I think, or maybe R2.