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The question that gets quite criticized and it completely depends on how you think. I am gonna point out the advantages and disadvantages of being a leader.

What are the advantages of being a Leader?

  1. You get to choose the officers who can help with alliance management, hiring, and everything a leader possibly can do.
  2. A leader can choose who stays and who gets kicked. A leader can kick officers as well as members, but an officer can kick only the members and not the leader.
  3. If you are a good leader, you may receive some appreciation messages from your alliance members as well as officers.


What are the disadvantages of Being a Leader

  1. Anyone can just hit the create Alliance button and be a leader. However, a Leader may also pick some known friends and start an alliance making some officers or members. But, there are lots of efforts and work a leader needs to do to hire members and complete a team of 30 people.
  2. If you are a player with a strong team, it makes really impossible to start and ally and find members as people already getting some cool rewards may not risk them to join you.
  3. A leader needs to put lots of time to see where the alliance is going, put effort to retain good players if they want to leave, and so on… This might make your real-life complicated.
  4. If you have a strong team and you are capable of playing difficult AQ like Map 7 or Map 6, but your alliance members cannot handle, you will still have to stick to it that makes you lose potential rewards that you might be earning joining other alliances as a member.
  5. Officers are capable of kicking members and if you get a culprit officer, he may kick all the members that will make the situation worse. It doesn’t usually happen, but it is possible.

Why Should You Be a Leader?

If it makes you feel good and you like managing team for happiness and guidance, you can be a leader and start a new alliance if you haven’t already started.

Leadership in Marvel Contest of Champions is a thankless job and that’s all about it.

Why Shouldn’t you be a leader?

  • If all you care is about rewards you get, and you want to grow your team, upgrade them regularly, and get higher prestige to compete, other players, then Leadership is kind of a burden. Being a member, you get the same rewards what an officer or leader gets. So you can check your strength and your alliance strength. If it is not matching, you can simply move to a different alliance and get higher rewards.
  • If you are a family person and spend more time with your family, leadership is not for you. It’s kind of teen things that has more spare time to spend on gaming. Putting lots of time to gaming is kind of bad for relationships as well as your future. Family and money are what you need in the end.
  • If you want to be a free man. Being a member, you decide when you should be in an alliance and when you should leave and go on a vacation. So you play in any alliance you like for some weeks and you can leave and take off when you like. So if you play the game randomly, you should not be a leader.

Leadership is quite fun and not of a burden if you are the leader of a low-tier alliance. However, if you are the leader of a high-tier alliance, you contineously need to monitor and push people to keep up the good work. Force people to use potions, revives, boost, and so on to keep the ranking. It may also involve using your pocket money if you don’t have enough resources. If you don’t do so, alliance rank may go down and other members won’t like it. So the alliance will break up eventually.

Can Kabam do something to make leadership more interesting?

Well, that’s up to Kabam what they think. However, there are lots of challenges.

  1. If a leader/officer get anything extra in reward, that might make other team members feel bad that they all completing the quests and wars together putting the same effort and Leader/Officer getting additional rewards for nothing. People usually don’t realize what struggle a leader made to grow an alliance and how much time he is putting into it.
  2. All leaders are not good leaders, so it could get complicated who get additional rewards and who don’t. However, it can be decided based on rank. For example, if an alliance grow higher or improve its ranking in AQ / AW or achieve certain targets (Kabam may define), the leader will get some additional rewards. There are various aspects that can be implemented to make such decision.
  3. If not anything in rewards might offer a couple of free profile pictures or badges each month, LOL!