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Is Black Widow (Deadly Origin) any Good?

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Kabam has certainly not done well about Black Widow (Deadly Origin), but it’s not that bad either. I know many players see her as a sucker, but there is more to see.

Do you try to judge a champion by ROL fight?

Many of us do. Well, There are many champs who take long, I mean really long to kill Winter Soldier, but they are still considered as good champ.

Let’s Watch a Quick Video and See Black Widow (Deadly Origin) in Action

  • Her Shock Damage is awesome.
  • Special 2 is fight finisher if you are using her in AQ or AW. (30K to 40K L2 damage for an R3 champ may put her under top 10 champs)
  • It’s easy to trigger widow insight and her medium attack gets 70% ability accuracy reduction. So if you are using her against a hard opponent/node, 2 hits combo might be very useful.
  • After the Special 1 attack, She gets a 100% chance to evade all the basic attacks for 6 seconds. It gives the chance to be super aggressive when the opponent’s power bar is not filled.

Not good about Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

  • Her damage will reduce significantly if the opponent is immune to shock.
  • She is not immune to anything.


She certainly doesn’t deserve to be listed under the best tier. But, she is certainly a Demi-God.

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