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You may have seen some posts on social media as well as videos that claim to provide the detail about July Deal. If you haven’t seen so far, let’s have a look at the image below what some people claiming is to be the upcoming deal (4th July deal).

July 4 leaked deal copy

Another Deal to buy items with Units

July 4 leaked



Here is also a Video KT1 uploaded explaining deals… But.. But.. But.. Keep Reading

Don’t get too excited….

So an Odin Deal with 25% T5CC shards, 2 T5B, 10K 6-star shards, 5-star Nexus Crystal sounds great. Well, it’s not gonna happen. It might be true, but since the deal is leaked, Kabam is ready to change.

Kabam Mike just tweeted that those deals are fake. Here is a tweet screenshot from Kabam Mike’s Profile.