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This month’s Event Quest Samurai’s Journey has brought 2 new champions: Hit Monkey and Tigra. Summoners usually face problems with new champions because the animations are new as well as features/buffs. Most of us usually not read much and jump to the fight. Let’s know how you can beat them easily.

How to Fight Hit Monkey

Hit Monkey gets 2 types of primary buffs: Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage Passive. Understand these 2 and you are good.

Assassin’s CunningĀ and Primal Rage Passive both get activated when you knock him out (Ability Reduction may prevent them)

  • When Assassin’s Cunning is active Hit Monkey gets a 60% chance to evade your hit when he is not blocking.
  • Primal Rage Passive gives him 100% chance to purity debuff and stun (including parry).

You avoid those buffs by simply not knocking him down. If you don’t use Heavy and Special, he will not get those buffs. (Exception: Primal Rage Passive may trigger because of attacker’s passive evade (not dexterity)) This one cannot be prevented by Ability Accuracy.

Special Attacks can be blocked if you want to play safe. However, L1 is evadable and L2 cannot be evaded completely. I have done both blocking and evading to demo and tried to knock him out quite a few times.

Let’s see in action.


How to Fight Tigra

The problem:

  • Unblockable Special attacks that can almost set you to the corner.
  • Power Gain


  • Use a champ that applies Slow, Weakness or Exhaustion Debuff and it will disable her Miss and Unblockable Ability.
  • You cannot do much about Power Gain except baiting. Power Burn Champions can be used but, they may not disable her unblockable and miss.

Top Tigra Counters:

  • Stealth Spidey with Web Foam prefight
  • She-Hulk
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Captain America with Science Synergy
  • Luke Cage
  • Sorcerer Supreme

And there could be more that can apply Slow, Weakness or Exhaustion Debuff

See in Action:

I tried Captain America with Science Synergy to Weakness with Parry and Luke Cage and they worked pretty well.