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Nightcrawler is a pain in for many players, especially for the new ones. Nightcrawler evades so much and the evade gets even aggressive after using Special 1 and Special 2. However, you can deactivate it and then Nightcrawler won’t activate the evade mode even after using the special attacks.

To deactivate Nightcrawler evade, you need a little patience and allow him to dash back. Wait for the timer icon to show up and then hit him while he is blocking. When the timer ends his evade will deactivate. It might seem difficult at the start, but it’s easy.

How to fight Nightcrawler with any champ

How to fight without switching his mode or without disabling his evade passive?

If NightCrawler is not Stun Immune

Parry him and use 3 light combos hit. A complete combo is the combination of 5 hits. However, the parry effect doesn’t last that long. Make sure you have maxed out Parry Mastery. This way you can get 3 hits combo easily.

When Nightcrawler is Stun Immune and Debuff Immune

Read this article that talks about how to fight all evade champions and read the Stun Immune and Debuff Immune Section.