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How to Fight Nightcrawler and Stop the Evade

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Nightcrawler is a pain in for many players, especially for the new ones. Nightcrawler evades so much and the evade gets even aggressive after using Special 1 and Special 2. However, you can deactivate it and then Nightcrawler won’t activate the evade mode even after using L1 or L2.

To deactivate Nightcrawler evade, you need little patience and allow him to dash back. Wait for the timer icon to show up and then hit him while he is blocking. When the timer ends his evade will deactivate. You may not be able to do it in the first instance, but you can do it after a couple of attempts. Please note that Nightcrawler may activate evade mode again if the timer shows up and it completes. So don’t let him do that. Let’s watch a couple of videos to learn how it is done.

How to fight Nightcrawler like a Ninja

Another Video to Fight Nightcrawler like a Pro

I can’t remove Nightcrawler’s evade, I am not a good player. So what can I do?

You have a couple of options that may work for you.

Option 1 (if Nightcrawler is not on the stun-immune node): Parry him and use 3 light combo hit. A complete combo is the combination of 5 hits. However, the parry effect doesn’t last that long. Make sure you have 3 points for Parry Mastery enabled. When you parry Nightcrawler, he will stun and you can hit 3 times while he is stunned. So keep doing this unless he is dead.

Option 2 (Use a champ that prevents the target from evading): There are a few champs that will not let Nightcrawler evade.

A Champ with True Strike or True Accuracy feature: There are some champs like Karnak, Killmonger, and Proxima Midnight that activate True Strike/True accuracy feature. When it is enabled, you will see a small blue icon with the timer. Once True Accuracy or True Strike is enabled, it will make the evade fail for all champs.

Iceman: A Duped Iceman start the fight with Coldsnap for few seconds. So it will not let Nightcrawler evade until the Coldsnap is active. You can again use Special 1 to activate the Coldsnap again.

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