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Please read this updated Article that explains more counters.

Havoc is one of the most annoying champions that you can counter. Act 6.1.6 chapter got it Havoc in the middle that is kind of global node. So not all, but most of the paths go through Havoc. If you don’t understand the Havoc shitty Plasma thing, he can kill your whole team alone and he will still be alive.

How to Fight Havoc Like a Hero

Found a video created by Unofficial Kabam Mike that is the best video on YouTube to tell how to fight Havoc.

Best counters for Havoc in Act 6.1.6

Since Act 6.1.6 prevents you from use the Same special attack in a row, so power drain champs like Hawkeye or Magik will not do much. Vision may still help as it drains power with L1 as well as L2. So here are the best counters.

Champions that have Armor Up

Armor Up ignore Plasma Damage, so you can use one of these to beat Havoc.

  • Angela: L1 will armor her up when it expires.
  • Venom: If he doesn’t start with Armor, you can use a heavy attack to get armor.
  • Ultron: Block attack to get armor
  • Iceman: No Plasma Damage until you have Ice Armor

Use a Champ that hits harder for quick Finish

  • Hyperion with little boost will get him.
  • Corvus should do that too.

Power Drain Champ

  • Vision
  • Note: If not in Act 6, you can use even Hawkeye, Magik, Dr Vodoo, and other Power Drain Champ.