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Alliance War Node 2 is all about using the heavy attack to get rid of the charges that could be 2, 4 or even 6 depending on the Tier of your Alliance War. Ebony Maw is the most common champ that you can on Node 2. Many summoners find it quite difficult to parry him and his heavy cannot of countered with heavy by all champs. Let’s learn what you should do.

Method 1 (Use any Champ) – Reparry Trick

Block the first hit and then release the block for a fraction of second and then block again quickly and that will cause parry.  Scroll down and you will find the video below that you can watch. If you don’t understand try to slow down video Speed (Press Setting Icon Within Video Player to adjust video speed).

Method 2 (Tested with Void)

Void can easily counter Ebony Maw’s heavy with his heavy to remove his charges. Most of the time Void’s first hit will miss and rest 2 will remove 2 charges. When Ebony Maw charges his heavy, take a step back, and use the heavy attack. Your Heavy attack should trigger in the middle of Ebony Maw’s heavy attack. Watch the video above, I have recorded both the method.