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Domino is a pain whether you face her in Alliance War (AW) or Event Quest. You can’t easily use Parry to make stun because she can break the block. However, intercepting Domino is a piece of cake and it is very easy compared to any other champ. So let’s know what needs to be done.

How to Intercept Domino and Fight easily?

Trick: When Domino Dashes Forward (to you) and is about to attack, take a step back and then a step forward and attack.

In another word, wait for Domino to Dash to you, as soon as she is about to hit you, dash back, and then dash forward and attack. This little trick always works.

This is the only way you can fight Domino easily. You don’t even need to stun her. In case you are facing a Stun Immune Domino in AW, this trick will help you very much because you have already learned to intercept her and fight without making her stun.

Here is a video to demonstrate the trick

You need to duel Domino a few times to practice this and you can fight her like a Ninja.

Domino Duel Target: Dragonfei

Another Video from Alliance War (Domino on Node 42 Arc Overload)

Note: Her Critical Failure feature is still a pain that you cannot avoid unless you use a champ with ability accuracy.