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Black Widow Dead Origin is quite easy to fight as long as you can parry her. She might need some specific counter on Stun Immune nodes that can prevent you from parrying and her Widow’s Insight will keep attacker annoying. This month’s event quest has nothing against stunning her. So you can parry her as many times as you want.

How to Fight Black Widow Deadly Origin

Just a few things to understand for this month’s event quest to help you fight Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

  1. Don’t hit her when she has evade passive active (She gets it right after using Special 1)
  2. Parry and hit without any issue. When she has evade passive active, you can still parry and get 3 hits combo.
  3. Her Widow Insight feature may trigger while you are dashing forward, recovering from special, heavy, or combo ending attack. You better be very careful and stop right there. Or just reply and Parry and 3 hits combo.
  4. Don’t try to evade or dash back when she is using medium or light hits to attack your block. Those attacks are very grippy and you are likely to get caught trying to evade or dash back.

There is nothing fancy to beat her.