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Spiderman Stealth Suit is the new champ Kabam introduced this month that either requires great skill or perfect champ to beat if you want to knock him down without item usage.

Venom is the Best Encounter

Why Venom? Venom stops evade of all spider-verse champs. So Spider-man Stealth suit will never trigger evade. Here is a video:

Defeating without Venom:

Top Spide-Man Stealth Suit Counters

If you don’t have Venom, you can still do it. Let’s learn about it.

Note: She-Hulk and Spider-Gwen cannot stop evade as slow debuff doesn’t get applied to skill champs.

Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy

Parry and Heavy all the time.

Archangel vs Spiderman Stealth Suit


Cull Obsidian vs Spiderman Stealth Suit


Killmonger is one of the best counters as his true-strike can stop the evade permanently. Try to parry and attack and few times until Spider-Man gets one bar of power. His L1 is easy to intercept and you can quickly get True Strike. So you got to keep baiting L1 and you can keep the True Strike Active,


A Duped Iceman can stop the evade from the start and you just need to keep using L1 to keep the Cold Snap active and Spider-Man won’t evade the attack.

Corvus Glaive with Proxima Midnight Synergy

Corvus Glaive can get Permanent True Strike after completing the certain mission with Proxima Midnight Synergy. We all know how hard he hits, once you use L2, Spider-Man should go down.

Dorky’s Lesson to Fight Spider-Man Stealth Suit Like a Ninja

Let’s understand the mechanism of Spider-Man Stealth Suit and defeat with any champ.