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Psycho-Man could be very annoying if you don’t know about his abilities, and also the node that makes him even worse. So we are here going to discuss best practices while fighting him.

Things You Should Now Do while Fighting Psycho-Man in Cavalier Difficulties

  • Don’t hit his block when he has armor up buff active or he will go unblockable.
  • Don’t Use any Mutant unless he/she is immune to Psychic Control (e.g. Magneto, Professor X)
  • Don’t use Heavy while the Red Control Box (Hate) is active or you will get Concussion applied on you that causes -70% ability accuracy.
  • Don’t use Special while Yellow Control Box (Fear) is active or again it gives you Concussion with -70% ability accuracy.
  • Try not to block while he is Blue Control Box (Doubt) or it will apply concussion, but this one causes just -25% Ability accuracy. So it’s not very bad.
  • Watch that Regeneration timer on him. When he is about the get regeneration buff, don’t stay close. This way it will pass on you.

Let’s talk about champions u should use.

What Types of Champions are Good to Counter Psycho-Man

  • Red Magneto, since he is metal.
  • Champions that hit hard (basic attack) or do damage with debuffs without relying on Special Attack/Buffs. This is because he locks your power whenever an ability fails to trigger and also apply concussion. (This may happen even because of simple dexterity).
  • Champions that can either nullify or break his Armor. So you can avoid unblockable.
  • Champions that get lots of buffs: Each buff reduces his Concussion potency by 25% (up to 100%).

Here is a video Made by Unofficial Kabam Mike if you want to see it in action