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Magik is the best defender to place on Node 29 in Alliance War if your alliance is in Tier 5 and you have your MD set as 5. She already gains power everytime a buff on attacker expires and her power gain is increased by 200% if any debuff is applied. On top of all the annoying power gains, she regenerates 5% of the maximum health everytime a buff is removed. If those all didn’t make it worst, think about her limbo to make you lose health. So what can be done to beat this node if you get Magik?

What are the Best Counters to Defeat Magik on AW Node 29


Yeah, Magik against Magik. To get the best of Magik, try to keep the MD Mastery at its max. Use Magik’s L2 to steal the power and trigger power lock. Keep her power burned and keep attacking. Try using boosts if possible to kill her.

Hulk Ragnarok ( Also known as Gladiator Hulk or GHulk)

Hulk Ragnarok is well known as Mystic Killer. Use him to and keep using his L2 to keep the healing disabled.

Dr. Voodoo

Voodoo’s stacks of poison is amazing and he kills must faster than other champs if the opponent is not immune to poison.


Parry, Heavy, and L2 is the key. Make her to bleed and get poison and all done.