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Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is the boss in the final chapter of this month’s event quest. If you watched players struggling to fight him that doesn’t mean he is hard to beat. It usually happens every month when a new champion is released. It takes time to understand animation and abilities, and finally, we get used to it.

How to Defeat Cosmic Ghost Rider

Use Magneto (Cheese the Fight)

Magneto will make the fight easier than you can thing. Just parry–> Heavy—> and Special 3. L3 will either finish him or almost finish. I tried R4 Magneto and it took just 16 hits (no boost, no suicide).

Use a Power Drain Champion (Spider-Man Stark, Vision OG, Magik or Any Other Reliable Power Drain Champion)

His Special 1 gain unblockable and put degen on you. You are likely to die if caught by a Special attack. Special 2 can be blocked, so you can push him to Special 2 if it gets hard to keep him below Special 1

Or Just Learn His Mechanism and How to Fight