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Dr. Strange is one of the hardest opponents you will find in Act 6.3.3 that might make you use many revive if you don’t have a right champ. Let’s have a look at the nodes that make him difficult.

Dr Strange

Void or Any Power Control Champ may not work

Tenacity node gives him 50% chance to purify all debuffs instantly (including parry and Petrify). So Void and Captain America IW ‘s petrify debuff will not be able to hold his power. He gains power very quickly.

Unblockable Special Attacks

He will almost have a bar of power all the time even when he uses his special attack. A little delay will give him 2 bar of power and that’s when you are done. His special 2 is very difficult to evade and all the parts of it unblockable. You will die either by Special 2 or Special 3.

Awaken Gwenpool vs Dr. Strange

Gwenpool is the only champion that cannot die from a Special attack whatever the special attack is (even L2 or L3). Even a Rank 3 Gwenpool would be able to solo if you are good at intercept and don’t die from block damage or light/medium hits. Since Dr. Strange’s special attacks don’t apply any debuff/degeneration, it’s safe to use Gwenpool to solo him. Let’s watch this video:

Or Ghost with Hood Synergy if you are good with her

Ghost phasing can help you avoid Special attacks (including Special 3). So it should be easy and you can solo with Ghost.