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The latest version of the Marvel Contest of Champions app now shows your prestige within the app. So if you have been using a third party application/website or Line Bot, you will not need them anymore. You can simply check your current prestige without leaving the gaming app.

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How to check your Current Prestige without any calculation?

Launch the game app as you usually do. Tap on ID (Profile icon).

Step 1

That’s it! Now you can see your current prestige. (It increases as soon as your PI Changes or when you add more signature to any champ)

Step 2

What is Prestige?

Prestige is the average Power Index (PI) of your top 5 champions. It is also known as the average base hero rating.

Example: I have five 5-star champions with 200 Signatures added: Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Thor Ragnarok, Namor, and Phoenix, then my prestige will be: (10,900+10850+10690+10670+10650) / 5 = 10,752

The confusion and the Answer related to PI: 

It might confuse you that your champion’s PI show something else, but a different number is used for prestige calculation.

For example, Silver Surfer 5-star with 200 Signatures added has 10,900 PI, but it might show up as 15000+ PI in your gaming app. This happens because of the Mastery Setup. Adding points under Mastery changes the PI of your champion. If you remove all points from Mastery, you will be able to see the Actual PI of your champion. Only the base rating is used to calculate Prestige and not the one made after adding mastery points.