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How to Calculate the Prestige of my MCOC Account without 3rd Party App

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Calculating your Marvel Contest of Champions Account’s prestige has been an easy job, but some people find it difficult. Actually, there are websites and even apps that are made to calculate prestige. This is what confusing people and they rely on those apps to calculate the prestige that’s not actually needed.

Why should you now use any third party website and third-party app to calculate your MCOC prestige?

This is because these websites are very time consuming and you may also get frustrated because of the details they keep asking. You will be asked to select champions you have, whether they are duped or not, how many signatures they have, and so on…. I am not saying that they give you wrong info, but still why would you want to spend that much time to finding and entering these detail when you can find it within the gaming app you play? Doesn’t it make sense? Such apps may have little error as well while calculating result if they put wrong PI for any champion in their coding by mistake.

How do I calculate my Marvel Contest of Champions Prestige withing gaming app?

  • Launch the Marvel Contest of Champions app on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Tap on the Cup icon (the icon you tap on to check Alliance Leaderboard. I have highlighted in the image below.

mcoc home page

  • Now select Summoner Leaderboard at the top, Select Strongest Team as Category, and look at your Strongest Team ration at the bottom right corner

strongest team

  • Now just need to divide your Strongest Team Rating by 5 to get your Prestige. In my case, my prestige is 34,084 / 5 = 6816.8. So I would consider it as 6817.

my prestige

I hope you guys won’t need the help of any other tools to calculate your prestige next time. Feel free to share feedback in the comment (If any), and even suggestion to improve our blog.

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