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Tigra has a cool ability that causes the non-contract based attacks and projectiles from special attacks to miss while charging heavy attack. Sounds really cool, isn’t it. Yes, You can use her to even solo Act 5.2 collector. But, what I am really talking about when I say Kabam Destroyed her ability. Before we go ahead to explain let’s see Tigra in Action.

You must have loved that Solo.

Look at the screenshot of her feature and think of a situation when it can help.


  • Good Part: Making all the bullets and projectiles and any non-contact based attacks to miss while charging heavy.
  • Bad Part: Charging heavy eventually ends in launching heavy. This is when you get caught. Watch this in action:

Talking About The Issue

Some players might say that it requires good skills to use her. But, this is not about the Skill, not at all. I am only and only concerned about why Kabam put that 0.10 seconds timing to make Tigra Be able to miss an attack after launching heavy. I am sure it was an intention to provide a safeguard, but this can never provide a safeguard. It’s better to take off that part from the description. Whenever you launch a heavy and opponent is at far (that usually is the case after throwing projectiles), you are very likely to get caught.

This ability Might be Useful in Defense

How useful Ghost’s miss ability is? You must have noticed while fighting any opponent that defenders block an attack, they aren’t smart enough to charge heavy. When they charge heavy, they use it. So no, not useful even as defender.

Use Special to recovery from Heavy Charge?

Yes, good point. When the opponent is at distant, her special goes unlockable. What a great feature. But, as I said, I am only concerned about that 0.10 seconds timer that makes the opponent miss after launching heavy. You are not using it here as well. You are also not likely to get lots of power bar filled, so you cannot always use Special. She is not Hyperion. It might be useful with MD Mastery if opponent has lots of buffs.

The point I want to highlight is: If Kabam has given a feature or utility, make it usable. If it is not usable at all, just remove it. Don’t put something for show off.

How Kabam may have done it better?

After making an opponent miss non-contract based special attacks, she should be able to evade the next medium/light attack.
Or Kabam needs to increase that 0.10 seconds to give attacker enough time to block the attack after launching heavy.
Or just remove this ability and provide her some kind of power gain to get at least 1 bar of power faster like Loki, so she can recover from Heavy Charge launching a Special attack.

Improving her miss ability will make Tigra a Super Killer

Well, she is a good attacker, but she doesn’t even fall under the top 20 champions if we talk about her damage output. You also need to use lots of heavy attacks to be able to make some good damage that is also very risky that many of us will not even want to try in the Alliance War.

Let’s Not Compare Tigra with Ghost or Quake

I have seen a few posts on forum comparing Tigra with Quake and Ghost. Tigra is nowhere close to Ghost or Quake. Ghost’s miss ability doesn’t punish you unless you don’t know how to use ghost. Quake doesn’t even need to hit the opponent to kill and she has a 100% chance to evade the attack while charging heavy (unless effected by Coldsnap or when the opponent has True Strike).