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Special 1

Hit Monkey’s Special 1 Attack is pretty straight forward. You just use dexterity once when he jumps and again when he touches the floor. Quite easy to evade.

Special 2

A little tricky, but doable with practice. It seemed impossible to evade at the start, but All those bullets just need 1 dexterity each time he fires. You need 3 Dextrities to completely evade Special 2.

  • Keep a little distance (that might need one additional dexterity or you may dash back without triggering a dexterity. The point is to keep the distance).
  • First Dexterity is needed when he takes out the gun.
  • Second Dexterity is needed when he turns around after the first round of fire.
  • Third Dexterity is needed when he takes out his other gun.

Here is a quick video to demo