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Do you want to increase Prestige?

Hit Monkey is among the top Prestige Champions if you have enough Signature to add. Have a look at his Prestige Below:
5-star R5 200 Signatures: 10640
6-star R2 200 Signatures: 11520
6-star R3 200 Signatures: 1369

Which Special Attack Does More Damage

Special 2 and Special 3 has its own advantage.

Special 3:
It grants Increased Critical Damage rating for 27 Seconds.

Special 2: How to Make All Hits of L2 Critical. 
You must use the Special 2 attack right after a critical hit. All of his Medium Attacks and his first Light Attack is guaranteed to be critical.

How to use only Critical Hits with Hit Monkey?

Guaranteed Critical Combo:
His Mediums Attacks and First Special attack is guaranteed to be Critical. So if you use Medium + Light + Medium, you will land only Critical HIts.

Guaranteed Critical Special 2:
Landing Special 2 right after a Critical Makes all hits of L2 Critical. I would recommend using Medium + Light + Special 2 to get Guaranteed Critical of All Sp2 hits. YOu can also use Medium + Light + Medium + Sp2, but using Medium right before Sp2 might give you trouble sometimes.

Watch this in Action (Video): Hit Monkey vs Winter Soldier (All Critical Hits)

Here are some more gameplay from Act 5