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Hit Monkey GamePlay and How to get Increased Damage

Do you want to increase Prestige?

Hit Monkey is among the top Prestige Champions if you have enough Signature to add. Have a look at his Prestige Below:
5-star R5 200 Signatures: 10640
6-star R2 200 Signatures: 11520
6-star R3 200 Signatures: 1369

Which Special Attack Does More Damage

Special 2 and Special 3 has its own advantage.

Special 3:
It grants Increased Critical Damage rating for 27 Seconds.

Special 2: How to Make All Hits of L2 Critical. 
You must use the Special 2 attack right after a critical hit. All of his Medium Attacks and his first Light Attack is guaranteed to be critical.

How to use only Critical Hits with Hit Monkey?

Guaranteed Critical Combo:
His Mediums Attacks and First Special attack is guaranteed to be Critical. So if you use Medium + Light + Medium, you will land only Critical HIts.

Guaranteed Critical Special 2:
Landing Special 2 right after a Critical Makes all hits of L2 Critical. I would recommend using Medium + Light + Special 2 to get Guaranteed Critical of All Sp2 hits. YOu can also use Medium + Light + Medium + Sp2, but using Medium right before Sp2 might give you trouble sometimes.

Watch this in Action (Video): Hit Monkey vs Winter Soldier (All Critical Hits)

Here are some more gameplay from Act 5

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