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Guillotine 2099 is the new robotic tech champion Kabam brought this month and is available as the defender in monthly event quest “Guillotine: Future Prometheus.”

What makes Guillotine 2099 Tough to Beat?

She isn’t tough, to be honest, you just need to know about the champion and the node and she is very easy to fight.

Empowered Immunity Node: Don’t try to cause the debuff she is immune to, else she would get 33% of a bar of power. Guillotine 2099 is immune to Bleed and Poison debuffs as she is a robot. So do not try to bleed her or cause poison, else she would gain power (unless you are doing intentionally as her Special 2 attack is very easy to evade).

Missing an attack (Digi-Cloak Active): Medium and light attacks have a 15% chance to miss unless you are using someone that can bypass this, e.g. Deadpool.

There many other things that you should not worry about.

Guillotine 2099 Best Counter

  • Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy: Parry and heavy.
  • Hyperion: Parry–> Heavy —> Special attack (L2 is better as it breaks armor and if she gets stunned you can use 2 heavy attacks).
  • Cull Obsidian: Make sure you gain a few charges before facing Guillotine. Parry and Heavy 3 Times, Get the Rout Buff and then use Special 1 attack. She should be down. If you don’t have enough charges, keep using parry heavy unless you have Special 2 ready.
  • Captain America IW: Parry –> Heavy –> Special 2
  • Medusa: Shatter the armor to shut down everything. Use Only heavy until you have Special 1 ready, then parry and use 2 medium attacks, the use Special 1 to shatter armor.
  • Nebula: Gain 5 or more Charges and she will shut down everything.
  • Daredevil: Daredevil never misses an attack. So he can bypass.
  • Or Use any champion you have: Just use Heavy and Special attack.

Watch in action (Video by Jason Voorhees)