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Update: The Issue is Resolved. The game is now working.

If you have been playing Marvel Contest of Champions, you have already faced a number of bugs in the past, and Game Crashing is one of them. However, this time it’s only iOS users. Android users are not facing issues so far. If you try to run the game on any iOS Device (iPad as well as iPhones), the game will crash as soon as it opens.

However, it doesn’t seem Kabam’s fault this time. If you visit, you will see a number of apps having the same issue, e.g. Spotify, Pinterest, Viber, Call of Duty, Drafts Kings, Mario Kart Tour and there are more apps and games.

What’s the bug?

This game crashing bug is probably brought by FaceBook SDK in IOS devices. Facebook has already confirmed that they are aware of the issue and investigating it.

You can also follow up on the bug here of Kabam’s Official Forum, but it’s better to follow than to join the Madness. Kabam’s developers are some super annoying when it comes to asking information. People go crazy putting, Device name, model name, iOS version, and so on.