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We all know that Iron Man IW  is kind of a pain fighting in Alliance War. However, there are certain nodes that makes it almost impossible to fight for many users.

What Makes Iron Man Infinity War difficult to Fight when Placed in Node 38 and Node 42 in AW?

Node 38Along with additional health and attack, this node provides +45% armor. Iron Man IW already comes with great armor and takes less damage, so this node makes it even more stronger.

Node 42This node is very annoying. Apart from more health and attack, it provides +45% Armor and Arc Overload that regenerates every 20 seconds. If a champion has regeneration ability, it recovers 50% more health.

How to Fight Iron Man Infinity War on Node 42 (Arc Overload 2.0 / Aggressive Regeneration) in Alliance War

Void: Void has the ability to shut down regeneration and even reverse the regeneration to degeneration that will make IMIW die quickly. IMIW gets tougher below 18% health, but Void’s debuff effect will bring it’s health 18% to 0 in few seconds.

Here is how quickly Void Kills IMIW

Hyperion: Hyperion works fine if you are good at intercept. The video below you can see is a good example, but this guy is mission something. The key to beat quickly with Hyperion is to use Heavy attack. When IMIW uses heavy, you need to intercept his heavy with Hyperion’s heavy to stack up fury. As IMIW gets harder to deal below 18%, then your job is to Use L2 when he has around 20% of health. If you have a stack of furies. It should kill him right with L2. But again, if he doesn’t and Arc Overload triggers, then you gotta dealt with it. This is one of the reason Void is MVP for node 42 when it’s IMIW.

Iron Man Infinity War on Node 38 (Armor)

The Node 38 additional armor makes IMIW stronger as he can trigger autoblock if he has 4 stacks of armor. If he autoblocks, it will trigger parry. However, You can use heavy when IMIW has 4 stacks of fury or when he is below 18% health. It should not trigger autoblock.

So if you are fighting IMIW at node 38, you got to avoid light attacks and use heavy + Special as long as IMIW has 4 stacks of fury or if he is below 18% of health.

Here is a video of Void vs Iron Man IW fight for Node 38

Here is a video of Hyperion vs Iron Man IW fight for Node 38