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Green Goblin is not a hard champion to fight, rather he is an annoying champion to fight because of his regeneration. The regeneration ability for Green Goblin as AQ Map 5 Mini-Boss has been increased to 100% for the first mini and 150% for the second mini. So Green Goblin regenerates a lot of health.

Green Goblin Mini-Boss 1 doesn’t have any unblockable special attacks, so it would not kill you even when you block (depends on the health bar), but it does a great amount of damage.

Green Goblin Mini-Boss 2 has unblockable Special 1 attack. One mistake and it could be the death if it triggered Poison or Incinerate and your champion is not immune.

How to evade Green Goblin’s Special Attack 1 and Special Attack 2

Green Goblin’s Unblockable Special 1

AQ Map 5 Miniboss 2 (Green Goblin) has unblockable Special 1 Attack. All the parts of this attack are not unblockable. You just need to evade the first part (first ray/projectile) and you can block rest. You can evade all the projectile with lots of practice, but the safest way to evade Green Goblin’s L1 or Special 1 Attack is to evade the first projectile and block all the middle projectiles and evade the last one (the bomb attack). Watch the video below for the demo.

Green Goblin’s Special 2 Attack

You can safely evade all parts of the L2 or Special 2 Attack. You need to evade 3 times. However, this attack is quite heavy. if you miss, you are dead if fighting GG as AQ mini-boss. Watch the video to learn how to evade.

What champions are the Best to Fight AQ Map 5 Miniboss Green Goblin?

Champions that will stop Green Goblin’s Regeneration and some will also reverse the effect and make degenerate

Void (Duped)

Void is the best champion to fight Green Goblin. Void is the degeneration king and he can reverse all the healing effects. So instead of regenerating Green Goblin will start degenerating. The amount of degeneration depends on the Despair Mastery Points. Try to keep 3 points for Despair mastery to get the most from Void.

Archangel (Duped)

Parry, heavy, and Special 2 attack of Archangel is the key to kill Green Goblin fast. Once Neurotoxin is applied, Green Goblin will not regenerate. And we all know how fast Archangel kills.

Captain America Infinity War

Captain America Infinity War also works like Void and can reverse the Regeneration to Degeneration. However, he works of synergy. All you need is to bring one Science and One Tech Champion with Captain America IW. It could be any champ. So you will be playing with 2 Science champs and 1 tech champs in Alliance Quest. You also need to have at least 1 point for Despair Master. With 3 points, Green Goblin will degenerate even faster.

Dr. Voodoo

His Special Attack 1 has the chance to apply poison and nullify buffs. When poison is applied, GG will not regenerate. Special Attack 2 helps control the power. After L2, each hit has the chance to drain 2.5% power. If Dr. Voodoo is duped, all the ability is increased.


Guillotine has the ability to reverse regeneration effect with her Special 2 attack and her bleed damage is also good. She would work even better if you have Deep Wounds Mastery enabled.

Some other Champs with Potential to Kill Alliance Quest Map 5 Green Goblin Faster

Star-Lord (Duped)

All you need is to keep up the Combo and Green Goblin will be down.

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

Create 10 poise and attack. Spider-Man Stark-Enhanced hits like-tank. His Special 2 attack does a great amount of damage. You can also drain the power every 30 seconds with the heavy attack.


Use the Heavy Attack to create a stack of Fury Buffs, and Use Special 2 Attack. Hyperion hits very hard if you can create a stack of furies.

Corvus Glaive

If you have brought Corvus Glaive to AQ, you can make him a monster before fighting Green Goblin. You need to do a couple of fights before fighting Green Goblin.

  • Fight a tech champion and knock him/her down and it will reduce the ability accuracy of next tech champ by 25% and Green Goblin is a tech champ.
  • Whenever Corvus Glaive completes a mission, he gains 1 Persistent Charge and a Cruelty Buff, increasing his Critical Damage Rating by 3000.

Corvus should be ready now. Parry opponent to break the armor, and do the normal fight, and use Special 2 attack. GG should be down very fast.

Blade (Duped)

Use a Dupe Blade and you will never die. LOL! Blade’s regeneration ability is pretty good. He regeneration at the cost of power when his health is below 70%. The more signature he has, the better he regenerates. His damage is also pretty good.

Thor (Duped / Regular)

Parry Opponent to break the armor, fight like a normal fight and use Special 2 attack.