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Last Week (Week 5) Counters

Objectives to complete

  • Do runs without a Mutant/Mystic/Skill/Cosmic/Tech/Science champion.

You need to do at least 2 runs to complete all objectives.

First Run (With Nick Fury, Gambit, and Scarlet Witch (Sigil)

  • Hercules – Nick Fury (Easy solo – Better just get hit and reach second life to go unblockable – This will make you avoid Bane easily)
  • Bishop – Gambit, even a 4-star can stun lock
  • The Overseer – Nick Fury
  • Warlock – Scarlet Witch

Second Run (With Hercules/Cosmic Ghost Rider/Captain Marvel Movie/Venompool, Hyperion, Hulk Immortal/Abomination Immortal or anyone you prefer

  • Hercules: CGR/Hercules
  • Bishop: Hyperion/Hulk Immortal/Abomination
  • The Overseer: Hercules/CGR
  • Warlock: Venompoo/CGR/Hyperion/Captain Marvel Movie

Week 4 – Warlock Counters

Objectives to Complete

  • Use a #Control: Counter Champion
  • Use a Tech Champion
  • Use an A-Force Champion

Scarlet Witch (Sigil) – (A-Force)

Make sure you parry to nullify armor and intercept right before throwing special, so all the hits in special become critical.

Captain Marvel (Movie)

Warlock (Tech)

If you want to finish quickly, use a 200% or 150% tech power boss.

Hulkbuster (Tech)

Symbiote Supreme (Control: Counter)

Venompool (Control Counter)

Spam L1 and make sure that you fire special right after you intercept. L1 is necessary to nullify armor.

Or Use the Hood

Week 3 – Bishop Counters

Objective to Complete

  • Defeat using Science champion
  • Defeat using a #Defensive: Tank Champion
  • Defeat using an #X-Men

Hulk (Immortal Completes 2 Objectives

Playing Hulk With Suicide is way quicker if you want to finish the quickly

Abomination (Immortal) Also Completes 2 Objectives

The Overseer will also complete 2 objectives

So you can use Immortal Hulk/Abomination. If you don’t have one of them, go with Overseer. You won’t have to worry about Heart Locker since the Overseer can stun with L1 and then you can fire heavy.

Gambit as #X-Men can cheese it for the last objective

Make sure that your Stupefy master is at its max. You can spam L1 to cause stun lock. Here is a demo:

Go with Colossus if you don’t have Gambit

And you have some skill and Archangel, he will also do it

Week 2 – The Overseer Counters

Objectives to complete:

  • Defeat using a champion tagged as #Metal and #Hero
  • Defeat with a #Size – S champion (Small size champion)
  • Defeat using a Mystic Champion

Champions that can achieve all 3 milestones:

If you use any of these 2 champions, you just need to fight Overseer once. That will complete all milestones:

  • Guillotine
  • Thor (Jane Foster)

Yes, they are not a great option, but if you have one of them ranked as R3, you may give it a go.

Small + Metal + Hero Champions to complete 2 objectives in one go


Anglea gets lots of buffs, so quite helpful to gain power from the rich get richer node. She also gets Auto-Block Ability Accuracy, but you need a max sigs Angela to rely on it.

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)


She hits hard enough with all those furies and cruelty she stacks. She generates power from the rich gets richer node. Here is a little demo. Not a perfect fight, but you can see the damage:

Bets Mystic Champion to take down the EOP Week 2 Overseer


She does bonus damage to champions with buffs and her special is unblockable, so it makes sure that she ignores autoblock

Is there any other good Mystic counter?

The short answer is no. Any champion that tries to nullify his buffs, loses health from energy damage. His buffs cannot be nullified.

So if you don’t have Tigra or if you are not good at using Tigra, just use any high-ranked Mystic (Except Symbiote Supreme) + Boost it to the max. Use a few revives and get away with it. Farming revives are easy anyway. So using some revives should not another anyone.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – End of Week 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anger – Week 1

There are some solo objectives that need to be completed to reach milestones:

  • Defeat Hercules with any Female Champion
  • Fight using a champion tagged as #Offensive: Raw Damage
  • Use an Attacker tagged as #Psychic Shielding

So what are the best champions that can help you solo Week1 EOP’s Hercules

Offensive: Raw Damage + Female (Complete 2 Objectives with 1 Female Champion)

Guillotine 2099

Elsa Bloodstone



Her fury works as Taunt, so she can make Hercules throw specials quite often.

Doing the #Psychic Shielding Objective

There are just a few champions tagged as Psychic Shielding. Well, gotta do from what we have got. This isn’t going to be easy, so might take a few revive unless you are super skilled.

Professor X

White Magneto