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There are many objectives this month:

  • Complete Question without Tech Champions
  • Complete Question without Cosmic Champions
  • Complete Question without Mystic Champions
  • Complete Question without Mutant Champions
  • Complete Question without Skill Champions

Do the first run with Vision (OG) or Age of Ultron, Guillotine 2099, and Ronan

If you don’t have Vision, Just Guillotine 2099 can do the job. However, bring a tech robot, e.g. Sentinel, Ultron etc. to help with Crossbones, just in case….. Here is what I used:

  • Crossbones – Guillotine 2099 (Ended fight with Special 3 to get the charge)
  • Ikaris – Ronan Cheese works
  • Blade – Guillotine 2099 – It was a quick fight with the charge
  • Dormammu – Use Vision or Guillotine 2099, just parry and spam L1, keep his power drained

Do the second run with Kingpin + Hood Synergy, Symbiote Supreme

If you doubt Kingpin, here is the demo:

  • Crossbones – Kingpin (Hood synergy keeps the debuffs away)
  • Ikaris – Symbiote Supreme
  • Blade – Kingpin
  • Dormammu – Hood (Better remove MD mastery or it gives you so much power after nullifying buff and you will degenerate lots of health. It’s an easy solo without MD mastery. Learn from my mistake, lol)

If you don’t have a specific champ and need help choosing one, feel free to comment.