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Medusa is one of the annoying champions that people use on Stun Immune node as Miniboss as well as the Boss of the Alliance War. People keep on dying while fighting Medusa and don’t know what to do. However, let’s talk about the problem and solution.

The Problem You Face While Encountering Medusa?

The primary and you can say the only problem is the autoblock that triggers parry. So to avoid this? Medusa trigger autoblock only when she has a stack of 3 furies. So the question is how to avoid autoblock? When Medusa has a stack of 3 furies, you can hit her once, Yes, just 1 hit is fine. The second hit is likely to trigger autoblock that depends on the amount of signature she has. If she has 200 signatures, then there is 100% chance to trigger autoblock. However, keep in mind that you cannot use even 1 hit if you can using a champ that hits twice for each hit, e.g. Drax. It will parry you even with the first hit. Another problem is the immunity to stun but that depends on the node you are facing her and Stun-Immunity is not the actual challenge.

What champions are the best to encounter Medusa?

Any champion that has True Strike, Buff Steal, or Ability Reduction feature.


Killmonger activates true strike for 16 seconds when you hit a champion that is recovering from the Special attack. Once True Strike is activated it will ignore the autoblock. So Medusa’s autoblock will keep failing. In Simple English, just hit the opponent right after the special attack and the true strike will active. 16 seconds is a quite long time, so this true strike should never expire as long as you keep refreshing it, I mean just hit the opponent right after special 1 or special 2 attacks and the True Strike will refresh.

Black Widow

Black Widow with maximum signature (99) is very useful as she reduces the opponent ability and there is a very rare chance that autoblock will cause parry. So hitting Medusa even with 3 fury buffs should be safe when she pushes you to the corner. Black Widow is available as 4-star only. So she is good enough to get a Miniboss, but she will certainly time-out while fighting a Boss. Try using boosts.


Loki is considered as Meh tier champ. However, his Special 1 still buffs and Special 3 puts a curse that also still buffs. After Using Special 3, you can use heavy to refresh the curse. So my point is that you can still fury buff from Medusa and she will never trigger parry.


Karnak is a good champ to fight Medusa, but he is certainly not a boss killer as he doesn’t hit harder. His Special 1 attack trigger a true strike that will fail Medusa’s autoblock but he will probably time you out while fighting a boss or miniboss.

The Boss Killer Champs to Kill Medusa Faster

  • Star-Lord (Dupe)
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Blade
  • Captain America Infinity War
  • Domino
  • Ghost

The Ultimate Guide – How to Fight Duped Medusa When She is Stun Immune

  • Stop after the first hit when she has 3 Fury Buffs. The second hit can trigger parry and stun you.
  • When she has 3 fury buffs, you can intercept with a heavy attack when she is using heavy attack. When she uses a heavy attack, take 2 steps back (dash back 2 times) and quickly use heavy attack. She will never autoblock a heavy.
  • If you can intercept the attack, well and good. If you are not good at that, just block her attacks and bait heavy and special attacks. That’s your chance to attack her. But, do keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.
  • Always try to bait Special 1 attack. It is very easy to evade. If you are good, you can also easily evade special 2 attack if you keep distant from Medusa. However, Medusa covers a quite big area when she uses the special 2 attack. One mistake and you should be dead as this attack may also stun you. So right after L2, she can get another combo.
  • The most Important point: You should always try to hit Medusa’s block when she has 3 fury buffs and try to push her to the corner. The fury buffs take time to expire, so if you don’t hit her block, she will push you to the corner and it will get difficult to evade her attacks. If you start blocking her special attacks instead of evading, you will not survive longer. While hitting block never stop at 3 or 4 hits. Never complete 5 hits combo, else she will get you for sure.

Here is a Demo Video to show how you can fight Stun-Immune AW Boss Medusa Without Killmonger and any other True Strike champion and also Stop her Autoblock, rather avoid the Autoblock.