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This Month’s Event quest “Guillotine: Future Prometheus” has brought a few new champions and Elsa Bloodstone is one of them. She is not really tough to deal with, but the node makes her a little annoying.

What Makes Elsa Bloodstone tough?

You cannot Make Her Bleed:

If you make her bleed, you will degenerate.

Problem: Mix Master Node: 

If the Attacker attempts the same Basic Attack twice in a row, Elsa Bloodstone has a 100% chance to Evade the Second attack.

Solution 1: Do not use the same attack in a row. You can only use 2-hit combo: Medium and Light, and use Special if available OR Use a 3 hits combo: Medium, Light, Medium and then parry and use heavy.

Solution 2: Use a champion that stops or prevents evade:

  • Best Counter: Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre SynergyParry and heavy.
  • With Ironman Infinity War you can use 5-hits combo without any worry: Medium, Light, Light, Light, Light.
  • Iceman’s Coldsnap shuts down evade.
  • Corvus Glaive with Proxima SynergyComplete Mission 4 to get True Strike.
  • KarnakUse special 1 to get true strike
  • Killmonger with Winter Soldier SynergyIntercept a dash attack to get true strike.
  • Nick Fury with 5 or More charges: The Attack cannot be missed or evaded.
  • Proxima Midnight gets the true strike on mission completion, but not the best champion you would want to use unless you don’t have any mentioned above.

Watch in action

Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy make it look very easy