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guardian boss fight

Northern Expedition’s final Chapter is now unlocked and the final boss is Guardian. Sasquatch has not been used as a boss in any chapter because Kabam used him as Minions and he shows up on random nodes out of the blue. The Guardian Boss has annoying armor and also autoblocks special attacks that require some good counter if you want to finish him faster. However some Mid-Level players are struggling to finish Guardian in Canadian Difficulty, so here we have a few tips that might help.

How to Defeat Guardian Boss in Canadian Difficulty With Any Champion?

  • Don’t rush the fight, have some patience. No Patience, you die early. Play Defensively.
  • Never push him to Special 2 because you are going to take lots of block damage. Even if you are good at evading, a little miss, and you are done.
  • Always Bait Special 1 that is very easy to evade. Watch the video below to see in action. If you are having trouble evading, practice evading Special 1 in Lower Difficulty (Master or Heroic). Once you are good at evading Special 1, go for Canadian.
  • Remember that this is a Breakthrough Node that gives Guardian +5,000 Armor rating. So your damage output at the start may seem meh, but each hit will decrease armor by 200. The damage will increase as your hits count increases.

Best Champions to Use:

  • Use Quake if you are good at her OR
  • Use any champion that breaks armor OR
  • Use any champion that applies debuffs, bleed, shock, or Void
  • Use any champion that hits harder with or without charge, like Guillotine 2099, Corvus, Star-Lord, etc. OR
  • If you are not very good at intercepting, use any champion that can handle lots of block damage, like Captain America Infinity War and Other Versions of Captain America or Iron Man Infinity War, etc.

Here is a Video Where 3-Star Nick Fury Soloes the Final Boss