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Dragon Man

Dragon Man mainly relies on his Power Gain buff as a defender. So if you have the solution for Power Gain, you are good to go. However, this month’s uncollected event has some additional nodes that create a little trouble.

Dragon Man – Uncollected: What Makes Dragon Man Difficult and What are the Solutions

  • Power Gain (Ability):
    He gains power gain buff time-to-time. Keep an eye on it or he will reach L3.

Solution for Power Gain:
Best option to use a champion that applies petrify debuff or use anyone that can nullify the buff, lock his power, or drain his power.

  • Empowered Immunity (Node):
    Dragon-Man generates 33% of a bar of power if you try to apply a debuff that he is immune to.

Don’t use a champion that applies bleed, poison, or armor shatter debuff because he is immune to them and it will give him more power

  • Fight of Flight (Node):
    Dragon Man gains an unstoppable buff every 12 seconds. However, if the attacker is far from Dragon Man, the Attacker will get that unstoppable buff instead.

Keep an eye of his Unstoppable Time, Bet at far when he is about to go unstoppable. OR
Use a champion that applies slow debuff or nullify it or stop it.

  • Hard Knock Life – 3 (Node):
    Every time a well-times block is performed a passive disorient debuff is applied reduced ability accuracy and block proficiency by 15% of 15 seconds.

It doesn’t hurt much. You can still parry and attack

Dragon Man Top Counters for Uncollected Event Quest

Use Human Torch

Human Torch is mystic killed. He kills any mystic in a matter of seconds. Tried My 6-star R2 with Prefight and didn’t even last 20 hits.

Captain America Infinity War with Tech Synergy

Parry and Heavy. Parry applies Petrify that will keep Power Gain Buff away and it also gives him kinetic charges that can immediately remove unstoppable at the cost of 1 kinetic charge.

4-star Captain America Infinity War vs Uncollected Dragon Man

Use any champion that applies Petrify Debuff

Petrify will stop the power gain that will make the fight easy to handle.

  • Void
  • Captain America IW with Tech Synergy
  • Mister Fantastic (Prefight Ability)
  • She-Hulk

Use any Champion that Nullifies Debuffs

There are many champions that can nullify debuffs directly or via stagger. Most of them are mystic. Here is a quick list with some names.

  • Symbiote Supreme
  • Doctor Doom
  • Hood
  • Doctor Strange

If you are still having some kind of trouble or you need any further assistant (information only), feel free to comment.

Good luck!