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Flow Defender Tactic got a little easier after Some summoners from high tier alliances started complaining on the forum how this Defender Tactic cause too much trouble.

What is Flow Defensive Tactic?

The defender gets passive power gain buff (cannot be nullified) that generates X% of their power over 15 seconds. It stacks up to 3.

Earlier: Those Passive Power Gain buffs could be removed only by stunning the champions. So those placed on Stun Immune or Debuff Immune Nodes were very painful.

Now (Already effective):– Well-Timed Block will remove Power Gain Buff triggered by Flow Global Node. It doesn’t matter whether the defender gets stunned or not.

This should give much relief now to fight Bosses and Mini-Bosses in the Alliance War.

The changes have already been effective since May 6 and will be the same in Season 17.