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I know people talk about evading Heimdall’s Special 2 attack is not possible. If you didn’t know about it, let me explain.

Everytime Heimdall Activated a Special Attack, he gets Truestrike buff. So your dextrity mastery will not trigger in such case.

So How do you evade the Special attack if Dexterity Mastery can’t be used?

You need to use a champ that has ability reduction feature and it can prevent and even stop Dexterity Mastery to show up. Here are a few champs that can evade Heimdall’s Special Attack.

Champions that can evade Heimdall’s SP2


Heimdall will start the fight with Soul imprisonment debuff that stops all buffs from triggering. Every time you use Special 1 attack Heimdall will apply soul imprisonment debuff on Heimdall. However, it costs 1 charge of Mephisto. If Mephisto doesn’t have any charge, then Soul prison will not trigger.


Archangel’s Neurotoxin causes ability reduction. When Heimdall is under the effect of Neurotoxin, True Strike buff will not trigger. So you can evade just like you evade other special attacks.


Ghostrider’s Special 1 apply a fateseal debuff on the opponent and stops all buffs from triggering for a few seconds.  This way True Strike buff will not trigger.

Hood or Symbiote Supreme

When the opponent has stagger debuff applied, True Strike buff will not trigger. So you can evade Heimdall’s L2 by using a champ that applies stagger debuff.

A Video Demo to Show How It is Done.