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What is Mesmerize?

A 7% chance to evade attacks and leave the attacker Stunned for 1 second.

It is a buff on some specific nodes or even the whole path with this node.

You can use any champ on Mesmerize node if the defender is not Stun Immune?

Just Parry and heavy or parry and use 3 hits combo.

Counter Mesmerize when Defenders are Stun Immune (Also useful for Map 7’s Mesmerize + Prove Yourself)

Alliance Quest Map 7 has a path that is a combination of Mesmerize + Prove Yourself and it also has a Stun Immune champion. So those defenders take no damage unless your combo has reached a minimum of 15 hits. If you lose this combo, it will all start again. So what are the best counters?

  • Emma Frost: Emma Frost is stun-immune under the effect of the diamond. So you can fight normal and keep throwing Special 1 to keep your power bar lower than your opponent.
  • Iceman (duped): The defender will start the fight with Cold Snap debuff. You just keep throwing Special 1 and always keep the Cold Snap on the opponent. No evade will trigger. His ice armor also shrugs off stun that refreshes after few seconds depending on the amount of signature.
  • Killmonger with Winter Soldier Synergy: Start the fight intercepting a dash attack and you will get True Strike. Thereafter, always intercept Special attack keep the true strike going. If there is a champion whose special attack cannot be intercepted, then you must intercept a dash attack whenever true strike expires or just do it before expiring to refresh it.

Note about AQ Map 7 Mesmerize path (Killmonger):  Killmonger doesn’t really require Winter Soldier Synergy in Section 1 as there is only one Stun Immune Vision Classic that starts the fight with a bar of power. Bait the special attack at the start and intercept to get a true strike.

  • Mordo: Feel free to hit the way like Mordo cannot be hit while he is stunned (except a few champs that don’t make physical contact while hitting, e.g. Iron Man IW). So he basically evades the attack when he receives any hit. Just mind the special attack as a Special attack cannot be evaded while Mordo is stunned.
  • Quake (Won’t work for Map 7 because of Prove Yourself Node): If you are good with Quake, she can be used even against Stun Immune Champions.
  • Black Widows (Better with Maxed Out Signature): Her ability accuracy is pretty amazing that can avoid those mesmerizing.
  • Crossbones: Start the fight enabling his overrun and he gains a fury buff whenever his strike is supposed to be critical. He decreases Opponenet defensive ability by 22% each fury active on him. It’s very easy to get 4 and 5 furies if you just keep hitting. His dupe ability also allows him to shrug off debuffs.
  • She-Hulk and Spider Gwen (May not work against all champs): Heavy Attack applies Slow Debuff on the opponent that prevents evade by 100%. You can counter a heavy attack of a defender with her heavy at the start and then keep countering heavy or special attack with her heavy to keep the Slow debuff on the opponent. It may not be possible against all defenders, but that’s just a few.
  • Spider-man (Stealth suite) (Involves a little risk): Enable Web-Form as Pre-fight ability. The first 5 hit is risky and the defender may evade. As there is just a 7% chance, so it should be easy to get lucky. Get your fight hit combo finishing last hit as a light attack and it will apply the slow debuff. Now you can keep refreshing it and always use Special 3 to refresh your web cartridge.

What other Solutions Do We Have for Mesmerize Nodes?

Max Out the Limber Mastery, and use a champ that shrugs off debuffs faster.

  • Rogue
  • Agent venom
  • King Groot (While in Fury Mode)
  • Groot