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This article is not about the best counters. We have already discussed it here. I hope you guys haven’t taken it like “Cheese the Sasquatch with Ronan.” LOL! No, this isn’t about it. Let’s discuss the tricks what you have to do.

How to Handle Sasquatch with any champion

  • Always try to keep Sasquatch to the corner and keep an eye of his Rage stacks that will turn into Wrath of Tanaraq soon.
  • Note: Once Wrath of Tanaraq is triggered he will be very aggressive and will use lots of special attacks (If has power bar), he will also go unstoppable after using Special and Heavy.
  • Once Sasquatch activated Wrath of Tanaraq, stay away and just keep dodging his special attacks as long as he has a bar of power.
  • If he doesn’t have a bar of power, evade his one of the dash attacks and dash to him to get your combo (only when Wrath of Tanaraq is active, because there is a guarantee he would dash to you every time you evade or dash back).
  • Once Wrath of Tanaraq is disabled, he would go to a normal (more defensive mode). Now you can fight normally.

Requirement: You need to be an expert in evading his L1 as it goes through the block and will stun you.

Demo: 3 Star Nick Fury vs Canadian Sasquatch